About Us

A business owner since 1983, my business experience includes conducting estate sales in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I possess  extensive knowledge of antiques, collectibles, primitives, and equally important reproductions. I have extensive knowledge of antiques, collectibles, primitives, and other valuable reproductions and I am able to spot a treasure in a heartbeat. In a sea of collectibles and antiques, I can easily find which ones can give you a lot of money and determine the not-so-useful ones. Not all people have this ability and if you are new to auctions, it will be hard to price the items since you don't know their real value. 

I retired back in San Antonio where I was born and raised. I do not own or manage a shop. I do not buy the remaining items.. At the end of the sale, everything is donated to either our recommended charities or one of  your choice.  All my staff is knowledgeable in antiques, sales and fluent in spanish. 

If you are suffering from estate liquidation San Antonio, don't be discouraged because we are here to help you get back to your knees. Estate sales in San Antonio are profitable despite the competition and we will help you start anew by getting the real worth of your old valuables.