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Estate Sale Company in San Antonio

What The Estate Sale Is

Simply put, the estate sale is when every item within the home is for sale, which a probate court has ordered.

A lot of times, the estate sale and garage sale are similar. The items for sale are all marked with prices and a crowd is anticipating entry to see what is available. The estate sale will normally take place prior to the home being listed for sale. When you are planning to hold an estate sale, it is important to understand everything about it so it can be successful. 

The causes for an estate sale include the following:

  • The same is mandated within the will
  • Heirs are indecisive about the property contents
  • The family has no interest in the content
  • A passing of the homeowner has taken place and the sale is ordered

An estate sale will sometimes be held in order to decrease the amount of items they own, although not many homeowners conduct it for this reason. Due to the process required, an estate sale will only be held when needed.

The Estate Sale Process

Prior to a home being listed, it needs to be empty with only normal home appliances. In order to ensure that this is accomplished, an estate sale will be held.

Once the decision has been made to hold an estate sale, you will need to be aware of a few things. While a probate court may have an estate sale ordered, your decision may be a personal one. When there is doubt surrounding the circumstances, you can contact us here at Trash to Treasure to find out for sure. 

No matter what, below is the estate sale process.

1. Separate Items That Have Sentimental Value

Prior to placing a price on items, make sure to separate items that have sentimental value. These items will include health and dental records, family photos, and other items that are personal in nature. 

2. Pricing the Estate Sale Items

When you are ready to price items, you need to bring in an appraiser who can provide an estimate of each items value. Although it may seem easy to price furniture, other items may be difficult, such as electronics, collectibles, silverware, art, and jewelry.

We highly advise you to have every item priced before thinking that something is trash. You never know when an item might be collected by someone. Preferably, when you have us conduct your estate sale, we will evaluate your items with you so that the price fits the item and that you do not short-change yourself.

3. Staging the Estate Sale

Now that we have priced all of your belongings, we will stage your estate sale, manage the proceeds, conduct a thorough cleaning once the sale is finished, and turn over all funds to our homeowner, minus our 40% commission.

Advantages of Trash to Treasure Estate Sales in San Antonio

  • Complete handling of the estate sale from start to finish
  • Conduct complete cleanup
  • No sale is too big or too small
  • We evaluate and price items

Disadvantages of Other Estate Sales in San Antonio

  • Other estate sale companies may charge a high commission from any profit

Although the amount of commission may be high by other estate sale companies, we charge a low commission for all of the services and personal attention we provide.

The Estate Sale Commission

When you bring in an estate sale company, there will be a commission set that may be as low as 30% or as high as 50% of all proceeds. With Trash to Treasure, our percentage is set at a flat rate of 40%, which includes:

  • Making the initial consultation and pricing of items
  • Conduct initial advertising efforts throughout the neighborhood
  • Managing and supervising your sale
  • Cleanup
  • And proceed disbursement

If you want to have an idea of what to expect, we can share plenty of photos of our previous sales so you have an idea. You will also learn what we do differently and how our process separates us from the competition.

Following Your Estate Sale

Following the sale, a few items may be unsold. If that is the case, you will be notified so that you can decide on what to do with it. You can have the items donated to a charity or put them on consignment. 

Proceed Disbursement

The money that the sale earns may need to be disbursed following the sale. This disbursement will depend on what the circumstances are and if a probate judge has mandates set. If no mandates are set, then the remaining proceeds are yours to keep.

Now that you have your money in hand, you can list the home for sale and not have anything else to worry about. If you have any questions or would like to host an estate sale contact our team of estate sale experts! Or give us a call at 210-409-1139 

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